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AGA Car Emergency Power Come Out

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    Carts start is the most familiar andt effective emergency starting method, but it is not a good mean and can't use frequntly, because it has certain damage for engine and clutch, automatic-shift cars ar especially need to avoid starting in this method. Carts starting generally need more than two people. It is difficult to implement the starting by the driver alone.

    Before adopting carts starting,we need observe road conditions. The speed can be improved with the aid of decline. However, if the car in front of a ascent, then push forward will be very tired and the speed is also hard to improve, so we should be turned to the downhill. Don't cart starting in th crowd to avoid accident.

    Ignition switch should be opened before Vehicle driving, hang into the gears transmission after reaching a speed and clutch pedal quickly and refueling. Once the engine starting, we should clutch pedal quickly control the throttle at the same time, don't let the engine off, then slowly parking.


Lap start

    If there are any other cars with jumper cables,we can adopt the method of battery lap to start vehicles. Firstiy, make two cars near until the jumper cable to connect the poles of batteries. Attention should be paid to ensure that the two cars didn't contact, and only allowed to use with sufficient carrying capacity and the cable insulation sheath. If the power of battery installed on the vehicle does not direct for crossing, you must use tool to remove the battery.

    Judge the battery positive and negative poles; Connect the cable to the anode and the anode, cathode and anode respectively. Pay attention to the battery positive negative poles, which can not make a mistake, and to ensure the reliable connection of the cable. To decorate cables to prevent starting with the tape or the fan when starting.

     Close all affiliated electrical equipment in the car, start the vehicle and make the engine run for a few minutes to guarantee charge power fully. Then start no electric vehicles in normal way, step on the accelerator make the engine operating at 2000 r/min speed for a few minutes. Then close the car's ignition switch, dismantle the cable, pay attention to avoid touching poles of cable connectors.


Automobile Starting

    The methods and principles of automobile starting are almost the same; the difference is vehicle traction often more convenient. Specific implementation is using an appropriate rope length traction and tied two head strongly. Before tracing, car drivers should be ensure contact signal, such as start and stop in waving or honking to coordinate. Start slowly, drivers should be paid attention to both outside the car and road traffic conditions at any time. After starting the vehicle the driver should sign for ahead vehicle in time and the two cars should parking near the roadside slowly.

    Look at the above methods are waste manpower and money. Since the AGA car emergency power com out you would avoid such embarrassments.