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AGA New Product Release

Published:2015-11-27 17:26 source:www.agajumpstarter.com Views:admin

AGA New Product Release

AGA has just released its first LCD Screen Jump Starter, this is an upgraded version of A3 plus. The model name is A3 plus with LCD( A3S). AGA has shown this product in EquipAuto 2015 in Paris and SEMA 2015 in Las Vegas. It attracted thousands of eye sights and likes.

Output:The car booster port 12V
Laptop Charging Port: 12V/16V/19V
Dual USB 5V/0.1-3A;
Starting Current:200A,250A,300A
Peak Current:400A,500A,600A
Operating temperature range:-20℃~65℃


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