Unified enterprise standards
All levels & business areas in the company have to implement unified management standards, technical standards and work standards. Make everything become systematic and has criteria to abide by.

Management standard
Refers to the standards that made to coordinate & unify the management issues in the field of enterprise standardization.

"Management issues" mainly refers to the repetitive things and concepts associated with technical standards in the business management activities, involving to the areas of operation and management, design & development, innovation management, equipment and infrastructure management, human resource management, security management, occupational health management, environmental management, information management etc.

Technology standard
Refers to the standards that made to coordinate & unify the technical issues in the field of enterprise standardization.
Its forms can be norms, procedures, guidelines, operating card, work instructions etc.

Working standard
Refers to the standards that made to coordinate & unify the working items in the field of enterprise standardization.
"working items" mainly refers to the repetitive things and concepts in the execution of appropriate management and technical standards, related to job responsibilities, workers' basic skills, work contents, requirements & methods, inspection & assessment etc.

Unified codes of conduct
The "Personnel Regulations of AGA Technology Co.,LTD" is the basic code of conduct for all Company staff.
(1) Integrity, striving to be an integrated employee by abiding by laws and moralities;
(2) Loyal to the enterprise, devoting to the society, make AGA famous brand together;
(3) Dedication, follow all commands, earnestly perform their duties;
(4) Work together, study hard and seek for continuous innovations;
(5) people-oriented, to implement the responsibility to ensure safety in production;
(6) promote the purpose, Keep commitments and make higher quality service;
(7) Thrift, Fine management, improving efficiency and benefit;
(8) Try to go beyond, pursue of excellence and build a first-class company.

Employees should try to follow the codes of conduct above mentioned, striving to be a highly qualified staff who can adapt the developing needs of "one power three excellence" modern company and become a politically steadfast and professionally competent person.

Employees should consciously strengthen their own ability and quality construction, and enhance their basic abilities of continuous learning, communication & coordination, teamwork, adaptive capacity, transformation and innovation.

Basic manners
Company advocates civilization and values a lot for manners. Employees should consciously learn basic etiquette to improve the quality of civilization, paying attention to every word and action in the daily life & work and establishing a good image for the company.

Grooming - neat and clean, dignified and generous;

Dressing - decent and convenient to work;

Speech & behavior  - natural and elegant, full of self-confidence;

Reception &  exchanges - active and enthusiastic, sense of propriety;

Making and Receiving Phone Calls - concise, gentle and polite;

Taking the vehicle - elders priority,  be comity with each other .